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Schede/Kolom Een schouder Vloer Lengte Mouwloos Chiffon Bruidsmeisjes Jurk

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Hals:Een schouder
Zoom/Sleep:Vloer Lengte
Verfraaiing:Ruches, Lovertjes, Voorkant Split, Ruched, Kralen
Rug details:Rits
Volledig gevoerd:Ja
Afgebeelde Kleur:Fuchsia

Recensie: Schrijf zelf een recensie

     2021/10/15 15:44:12
    The dress was an absolutely perfect purchase. The waist was on point as described; the shoulder straps were as light as a feather that I didn't even notice that they were there.

     2021/10/01 01:01:04
    I felt like a princess in this gown. The length was perfect, and when paired with heels, it was just right. I loved the design, and the cut was beautiful. The embellishments were stylish, and I did not pay extra for any alterations.

     2021/09/30 01:55:18
    I love the beautiful embellishments on the dress. And it is light, not as heavy as some other dresses I bought online. I love that the lace and fabric are top quality, and the size felt like it was made for me.

     2021/09/23 21:12:56
    The dress perfectly fits my body. I like the height most because I can put it on with high heels. I have ordered clothes online many times, but this one tops the list.

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