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  7. A-Lijn Halster Knielengte Mouwloos Chiffon Feestjurk

A-Lijn Halster Knielengte Mouwloos Chiffon Feestjurk

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    Op zoek naar een perfecte pasvorm? Onze kleermakers zal uw exacte metingen om een op maat gemaakte jurk voor u te maken. Deze extra service is gratis tot 07/27/2024
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Verfraaiing:Ruches, Sasha/Linten
Rug details:Rits
Volledig gevoerd:Ja
Afgebeelde Kleur:Geel

Recensie: Schrijf zelf een recensie

     2021/07/31 04:22:36
    I love wearing unique evening dresses. Your platform has made it easy for me to locate new dresses. I visit your site from time to time to check on new collections. I can see you are quick in updating your stock. I will keep ordering from you.

     2021/07/12 11:22:28
    They paid extra attention to my special request for packaging which made it an ideal gift for my daughter. I will choose them for any future needs.

     2021/05/25 14:52:06
    My experience with Bridesire was the best. I had a lot of pressure when making my purchase, but the retailers never failed me. They worked with me to ensure that I received the right sizing. Additionally, I was able to receive a recommendation of various styles and brands, further offering me a variety to pick from. Thanks for a job well done.

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